"Ricicciare" un rapporto vecchio e fare scoop

Che dire? "Un’altra brutta figura per la stampa italiana", proprio come si conclude l’articolo…


Sagra di San Bartolomeo 2007

Inizia stasera la mitica Sagra di san Bartolomeo di Camino!

Il programma è all’indirizzo www.camino-oderzo.it/sagra

Intervista doppia a due gocce d'acqua

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The Democratic Party has missed an opportunity

The Democratic Party has missed a great opportunity to be able to qualify itself as democratic, given that to be truly called “democratic”, a party must be open and pluralistic otherwise it is simply “not”, it doesn’t exist.
The formal justification for excluding me as a candidate for the position as National Secretary is simply a convenient smokescreen so as not to have under their feet, a true real competitor who would have broken the eggs in the basket, who would have been able to start a discussion about the preconstituted equilibria.
To those who have so quickly wanted to exclude my candidacy and the participation of Italia dei Valori in the process of forming the “so-called” Democratic Party I would like to reflect on the following points:

1 – I and Italia dei Valori have already supported and actively participated in the collection of signatures to start the electoral referendum, aimed at getting a majority-voting electoral system with a big reduction in the number of parties. This means that we have already demonstrated with deeds – I repeat – with deeds and not just with words – our intention to go beyond the party to which we belong.
2 – In 2005 I personally participated in the experience of the Primaries for the Unione, for which I was a candidate to represent the whole of the coalition in the Government.
3 – It is evident that – with the formation of the Democratic Party – whoever aspires to be its leader (and who achieves that) cannot do otherwise than to recognise themselves to be wholly within that party.. In that sense I declared my availability to be an integral part of the Democratic Party at the end of the formation process, which is something I have also said in writing in the declaration of intentions that were presented with my request to be considered as a candidate.
4 It is similarly evident that those who are active within Italia dei Valori who wanted to be part of the Democratic Party in formation would have had to do likewise at the moment of the formal signing up to the new party.
5 – Finally it is evident that this signing up cannot take place today simply because the Democratic Party does not yet exist formally.
6- On a formal level, my candidacy was presented within the regulations and it is not written anywhere that in that context I would have had to resign from Italia dei Valori. On the other hand, the other candidates have not stopped being signed up to the parties of origin. The membership of the original party can stop only in the moment at which the new party comes into being in accordance with the law and there can then be the transfer – even automatic – into the new structure.
7 – Still on the formal level, it is necessary to consider that I am not the legal representative. of Italia dei Valori, as I am a Minister, and thus I would not have been able to dissolve the party without first going to the Assembly. In relation to this I would point out that, as has been made known publicly for some time, we have already fixed such a meeting for the days 28, 29 and30 September. at Vasto (and we have also invited all the various leaders of the coalition parties for this reason).
8 – Finally, I would like to recall that Italia dei Valori has been a part of the coalition of the Unione right from its start, and it has signed up to its manifesto and it shares with it the responsibility of government.

The truth is unfortunately much simpler and much more bitter: the current promoters of the Democratic Party in formation want neither my presence nor the presence of Italia dei Valori.
In time and with a clear mind it’ll be necessary to reflect on the real reasons for this denial (that in fact are very serious and in certain ways are unmentionable) and draw the inevitable conclusions (even to consider the appropriateness of staying in or pulling out of a coalition that in fact is pushing us out!).
For now, one thing is certain, those who don’t want us, don’t deserve us!
Neither I nor Italia dei Valori will appeal against the decisions taken in a great hurry in the depths of the night. by a group of 6 -7 people who – without any reflection or any preparatory debate open to the public – have claimed to represent the will of all the voters of the Unione and of the possible supporters of the forthcoming Democratic Party.
Politics is certainly participation, but it is also dignity to be defended.

Un’altra perla di saggezza che segue il mirato appello di Rutelli ai turisti stranieri. Il Partito Democratico si costruisce anche così. Voulevat savoir l’indriss? Voilà!

Gugolartiani di tutto il mondo unitevi

Con gli ultimi aggiornamenti di fine luglio, ora su Google Earth / Google Maps l’Italia intera è visibile ad alta risoluzione. Ora finalmente si potranno vedere distintamente le case anche a Conegliano, Auronzo, Siena, Padova e compagnia bella. Ottimo, no?